Pellets and wood are a smart choice for savings, environmentally furniture with personality and characterizes the house. 


A wood pellet and you will save about 60% compared to natural gas as 2.3 kg of dry wood have the same performance of a cubic meter of methane is so easy to make two calculations referring to the quotations of August 2012.

FUEL                     U.M       POT.CALORIF.    UNIT COST.             YIELD.       ANNUAL EXPENDITURE FOR
                                                                         COMBUSTION                               HOUSE mq.100

WOOD                   KG.          4 kWh / kg         16.50 / ql                    78%                  € 615.00
PELLET                 KG.        4.9 kWh / kg    € 4.20 sack kg.15        85%                  € 807.00
NATURAL GAS     M3.        9.6 kWh/m3      € 0.90 / m3                  90%                € 1,253.00
OIL                       LITER    10.4 kWh / lt        € 1.47/ lt.                      85%                € 1,998.00
GPL                     LITER      7,3 kWh / lt         € 1.42/ lt.                      90%                € 2,602.00


The forest is an abundant resource, natural and renewable energy that can be used through the production of biomass, plant materials such as wood and pellet.
With the combustion of biomass is released the same amount of CO2 that the tree has absorbed during its life, unlike with fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, which release carbon accumulated over millions of years in time short, causing environmental imbalance known as the "greenhouse effect." 


Always bearing in mind respect for nature, we offer our customers only pellets Certificate particularly from the Austrian proximity to our country and for the seriousness and reliability of suppliers.
In general the pellets Austrians have a good yield little dirty and have a system of certifications fail.
In addition, Austria for many years a policy of reforestation so do not impoverish the environment will remain a resource for our grandchildren.